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Success stories

We carry out more than 100 projects in 2022

Successful CEO search for a leading technology company:

We collaborate closely with one of the leading companies in the IT sector in the region, to identify and recruit the ideal candidate for the CEO position. Our personalized and comprehensive approach allowed us to find a visionary leader who drove the growth and transformation of the organization.

Image by Domenico Loia
Recruiting a Sales Director
for a mass consumption company

We collaborated with a leading company in the consumer goods industry to find a Sales Director. Through our specialized search approach and our extensive network of contacts, we identify a professional with a successful track record and link them to the company.

Image by Jason Blackeye
International expansion for a financial services company:

We work with a financial services company with a global vision to help them expand into new international markets. We identify and recruit local executive talent with industry experience and deep knowledge of target markets, facilitating successful expansion.

Image by Nick Chong
Search for a Vice President of HR for a manufacturing company

We use our experience identifying and evaluating executive talent in the human resources field to select a leader with a strong track record in developing human resources strategies focused on talent and organizational growth.

Image by Dan Dimmock


They are already part of the worldInterSearch

Image by Jurica Koletić

Jose Pablo Dardik

Hiring the services of InterSearch has been a transformative decision for our organization. We were looking for a high-level executive to lead a key strategic project, and were struggling to find the right person on our own. InterSearch's agility and know-how allowed us to find the right project leader in a timely manner.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Martin Pablo Gonzalez

InterSearch conducted an exhaustive search and evaluation process. They introduced us to highly qualified candidates and provided us with detailed information about their background, skills and competencies. Their strategic advice throughout the entire process helped us make the right decisions.

Image by Rachel McDermott

Myriam Diaz

I would without hesitation recommend InterSearch's services to any organization looking to recruit high-level executive talent. Their professionalism and dedication to the client is exceptional. They have provided us with concrete results and have contributed significant value to our organization

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