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What is executive search?

Executive search, also known as executive search, is a specialized recruiting process used to identify, evaluate and hire high-level executives for key positions in organizations. Focuses on finding highly qualified and suitable candidates who meet specific company requirements.

Why should you consider using executive search services instead of recruiting in-house?

Using executive search services has several advantages. Executive search firms have a broad network of contacts and access to high-level talent that is not always available through traditional recruiting channels. Additionally, their experience in the assessment and selection process can help find the most suitable candidates. They also guarantee confidentiality and professional handling of the entire search process.

How long does the executive search process take?

The length of the executive search process may vary depending on the complexity and specificity of the position, as well as the labor market and the availability of candidates. Typically, the process can take 2 to 6 months, or even longer in rare cases. It is important to remember that finding the ideal candidate for an executive position requires time and a careful approach.​

How is confidentiality guaranteed during the executive search process?

Executive search firms are committed to maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. This means not revealing the identity of the hiring company or the candidates unless necessary and mutually agreed upon. Confidentiality is essential to protect the reputation of companies and guarantee the privacy of candidates.

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